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What's a McGucken you ask?

McGucken is a long weekend to play with others who share your passion for performing, directing, backstage tech, costuming, sound, lights, makeup, singing, dancing, acting and all things associated with live theater:

* Try new things by getting onstage to strut your stuff or try something new
* Learn more about the avocation we share by participating in the workshops
* Take naps, work on that play you're writing, find new material for auditions, sing a song
• Brush up your audiencing skills


Morning workshops have included acting, singing, dancing, making fake stage food, makeup, puppetry, directing, lighting, costuming, auditioning, stage combat, playing handbells - you name it, we do it.
Afternoons include water volleyball, sun bathing, practicing for the nightly show, and those wonderful naps!
Saturday and Sunday nights, you get ten minutes of fame! Sing a song, dance a dance, act in a scene, juggle something, do some stand-up - your choice. Give something new a shot; you'll never know for sure if you can do it if you don't try. Indeed, trying new stuff is a major feature of McGucken. You will never face a more knowledgeable audience or a more supportive one.

Some people prepare acts before they come to camp, but the most exciting things are the shows put together on the spot. Give yourself a shot!

Late nights are full of fun, too. Dance to throbbing pagan music, sing folk songs around a campfire, play dominos or a board game, finish a huge jigsaw puzzle...

There's plenty of food and drink of all kind. We have our own bar.  That's right, an OPEN bar. This is why the event is only open to persons 21 and over. 


The Performing Arts Committee (PAC)

The Performing Arts Committee (PAC) is a group of people involved in theatre throughout the Bay Area. Beginning each January, we meet monthly to plan the McGucken weekend.

Committee activities include choosing a theme for the weekend, deciding on interesting workshops, selecting workshop leaders and hosts for the two shows.

PAC is always looking for people who would like to help plan and run the McGucken Weekend. If you're interested in joining the fun of putting this event together, email us: mcguckencamp@gmail.com  Note: Committee members do not receive a discount to attend the weekend.


Chair - Jeff Seaberg
Vice-Chair - Mary Lou Stenger
Treasurer -
Secretary - Carolyn Rising

Stephanie Seaberg, Rob Bradshaw, Diana Godet, and Arnold Scherer

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